TypoTales is a text–based MMORPG that’s played entirely in the Telegram messaging App through a Chatbot.

Build your own party, either by taming monsters or teaming up with other players and head to your next adventure, where you’ll fight all kinds of wondrous beasts in turn–based battles!

Currently in a closed–alpha.
Subscribe to our Announcement Channel on Telegram in order to be notified of upcoming beta tests and when the game launches: https://t.me/TypoTales🡕

Build your own character

In TypoTales, you can be whatever you want – pick your skills by equipping your own combination of Weapon & Armor. Nobody will stop you from playing a tanky mage or a glass–cannon warrior, as long as you find or craft the right gear and have the level to wear it. You can further customize your build by allocating stat points and upgrading your gear!

Socialize with your chat pals

Create a guild: claim your own territory and defend it together with your friends against invasions by both monsters and other guilds.

Bond together in alliances in order to join an attack or defend each other. Or be a spy and stab them in the back when they least expect it – you do you, as long as you have fun!

Play whenever you want!

The game features both idle and active gameplay – and you can stop either at any time and pick it right back up whenever you got more time to spare.

Free to Play without Microtransactions

Once we launch, you can play the game without paying a dime and there’s no way to receive any significant advantages by doing so.

If you want to support the game & help us keeping up with those pesky server fees, we will accept donations through Patreon🡕.
This will (obviously) only work in the long run if enough people are supporting the project, though as long as the server costs will be covered I’m going to call this a success, which – as of now – is already the case. :)