Design Talk - Weapons & Skills

Over the past week I’ve spent a lot of time coming up with answers to some design questions which have been plaguing me ever since the beginning of the alpha. So let’s talk about weapons this week!

Designing the Weapons for Chatventure

Given that skills are directly linked to the weapon a player has equipped, every weapon type should be able to fulfill a variety of roles - so when a player wants to try out a different playstyle for their party, they won’t need to immediately level up a different weapon proficiency from zero.

In order to figure out how those roles should be distributed, I made a little overview to illustrate the various properties I’d associate with each individual weapon type.

 Physical DamageMagical DamageHealingBuffingDebuffingTanking
Swords++ ++  +++
Staves +++++++ +
Bows+++  ++++ 

So, we’ll start into the beta with swords, staves and bows. Each of those will have three variants, focusing on different aspects you can see in the table - that’s already giving us 9 weapons/skillsets total to toy with!

Finally, let’s take a deeper look at each weapon individually.


Sword users are obviously forced to fight in the front lines, therefore they should be able to force enemies to attack them instead of their teammates and have some natural tankyness. Their skills don’t require any resources, though repeated use of the same technique might cause exhaustion.

Holy Sword:


Staves will be the only source of magical damage for now - and they got a lot of that. They’ll use mana in order to invoke the elements, which in turn will regenerate over time or through potions.

Fire Staff:
Water Staff:
Earth Staff:


Fast and deadly from afar - bow users can disable their enemies with precise shots or rally their allies from the backlines. Some skills will use Energy as their primary resource, which is regenerated by one every turn.


Weapon tiering & upgrades

Every 10 levels, a new weapon tier will become available, featuring the same weapon skills but higher stats. In between those levels, you can upgrade your equipment by using common crafting materials and monster souls to make them even stronger.

Aaand that’s it. For now. Keep in mind that the weapon skills can be further enhanced by the armor you wear - giving you more skills to actively use as well as various passive status effects, such as enhanced mana regeneration or damage reduction… Although I’m not entirely done designing those armor effects yet. :)