September Playtest Review

Yesterday the playtest officially ended - after a fierce (or, well, hopeless) battle against the undead dragon god Khara’Durr as he destroyed the world. I have to admit, creating the events that lead to the worlds demise felt awkward - but this is definitely not the end, as creating and running the game both are a blast!

After a small break we’ll follow Khara’Durr into a new world - one where the other ancient dragons are still around - and see what kind of conflict he will cause once he “reunites” with his brothers and sisters!

The playtest in numbers

The playtest ran for about 6 weeks. During this time we went through 78 updates, including bugfixes and big feature patches - yikes! Overall, 55 people participated in the playtest - of those, on average, 35 people interacted at least once per day with the bot. At the time of writing this, 30 people have witnessed the end.

So, where do we go from here?

While the second half of this playtest focused a lot on Guild Content, the next one will be more about solo gameplay & general balancing - getting multiple equipment tiers and general stat growth right while adding a bunch of new adventures and overhauling the loot system for foragers. Experience rewards and the exp curve itself needs an overhaul as well. Oh, and there will be guild PvP. It’s also about time to limit player inventory size… So many things to do! :D

From what I can tell by looking at the roadmap🡕, the next playtest will start somewhere in between late November and early December. If during this playtest everything runs smooth, we’ll reset and transition to a closed beta in the beginning of 2021 - with friend referrals serving as beta keys, where everyone will only be able to refer X people per week to ensure a somewhat slow and controlled growth.

A small heads-up: Patreon Supporters🡕 will receive more invites, and a few days of early access to the playtests!

There might be more resets (or breaks) after this, depending on how hard I screw up things. 🙃

The naming issue

As some of you might have already heard, we need a new name for the game due to… reasons. (Try googling Chatventure if you wanna know why, no hate though). Yes, the next playtest won’t start until we got one. I currently got one in mind, but its really hard to find something that “clicks” as much as Chatventure initially did. Feel free to hit me up if you have an idea. :)